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Materials & Tools

Method 1 - 2" Wrapped Wick Double Staffs

  • Strong Needle, Preferably Curved
  • Scissors or Knife
  • Electric Drill with appropriate drill bits(Refer to Attaching wick below)
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Method 1 - 2" Wrapped Wick Double Staffs

First thing to do is to drill one or two holes in the last two inches of the aluminum tube, writing down the distance from the end of the tube. These holes should not go through both sides of the tube. With aluminum tube you can make the holes smaller than your screws. However with steel or titanium, you will dull your screws if you have to put them through the metal. Then fit the dowels snuggly into the tube and drill pilot holes in the wood. At this point mark the staff with tape to be able to find the hole after you have wrapped the wick.

Cut the 8'(~2.4m) of wick into four equal sections, then take one of the sections and tape it to the end of one staff and wrap it tightly around the tube. When you near the end of your wrapping, find the where the holes you drilled should be. Then place the washers on the screws and then screw them through the wick into the dowel below. Once the screws are in place, wrap the wick over the screws then sew the wick down. You don't need to cover the screws, but it can protect you from the hot steel.

Putting on the Grip Tape

Find the center of the staff by balancing it on your finger. Mark that point with tape or a marker then take your grip and wrap it on each side of the tape for about a 1' and a half. Use tape, either gaff or electrical to tape down the grip, you may want to do this on both sides of the grip if it is unwrapping.