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Rope is often used in the flow arts for Poi, Rope darts and Meteors. The range of available rope is extensive and your choices on what to use will come down to preference and application.

The main distinction between ropes is whether it is Synthetic or made from Natural fibers. Synthetic is the most common , and includes many ropes with properties that are well suited for certain props. Natural fiber ropes are often used only for Fire Rope Darts, as Natural fibers do not melt and are often hard to burn when exposed to fire.
The properties that are often looked for in Synthetic rope are the stretch and feel. How much the rope stretches influences how forgiving your prop will be during certain tricks such as Poi stalls or Rope Dart shots. The feel of the rope is quite important as it will often be sliding through your hands or you will be grabbing it. Ropes that are thicker and have a finer weave will be more comfortable. However finer weaves will often cause rope burns.

Natural fiber ropes are much less diverse than Synthetic ropes. They often stretch less and are often more coarse, though they can be treated to make them smoother. The most common use for Natural fiber ropes in the Flow Arts is Fire Rope darts, and the rope that is often used is bondage rope. Silk is considered preferable as it is less abrasive on your hands, though Hemp is used for its resistance to burning.