Flow to us is the finding of motions or actions that feel smooth, graceful, or right. It is that feeling of dancing with your eyes closed, of solving a problem with ease.

Our Goals

Flowarts.me aims to be a site that will help beginners feel more comfortable in the Flow Arts community. We would like to see the community come together to help make this project possible, as we are a small team.

Right now we have brought together publicly available content, tutorials, and methods of building props. It is far from complete, for we are a small team and the Flow Arts are vast. None of our content is meant to be the Flow Art gospel, merely recommendations.. The tutorials we have here are not meant to be a definitive path to learning a prop. Feel free to break out of the path we have offered and play with different tricks and skills to find your style and flow. That is the fun of the Flow Arts.

The Future

If Flowarts.me will work hard to be an update-to-date resource for the Flowarts both in terms of builds and tutorials. Even making our own tutorials to fill the gaps that we find when looking into prop tutorials. We will also work to continually improve the user experience with the site and the ease with which users can recommend information.