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Materials & Tools

Method 1 - Polypro Hoop

  • PVC Pipe Cutter or HackSaw
  • Heat Source (Hair Dryer, Boiling Water)
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Method 1 - Polypro Hoop

Begin by figuring out the diameter of your Hoop. Measure the distance from the floor to your belly-button (or as far up as your shoulders) and that will be your diameter. To figure out how much tube you will need, take your diameter and multiply it by 3.14 (So if your diameter is 40" (101.6cm) your circumference will be 10.46' (3.19m)).

Cut your tubing to the length of the circumference that you just found, making sure that the ends are not too rough as that will effect the connection you will make in a moment. Next take one of these ends and begin to heat it up, careful not to melt the plastic. Once it is hot enough to be pliable take your PVC connector and push it into the end of the tube. Let the tube cool and contract on the connector before heating up the other end and pushing it onto the PVC connector. You should have a good clean connection between the two PVC tubes.

You now have a working hula hoop! Now you can decorate it with various types of tape!