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Chains are used for Fire props such as Poi, Rope Darts or Meteors.

Chains are rarely used if it can be avoided as it lacks the flexibility that rope has. They take the place of rope in fire props as rope will eventually burn through. Now there are a lot of different chain options out there, if you are building yourself a fire prop try to get your chains from a fire prop vendor. The chains they sell are welded, while what hardware stores sell are often not welded. You can get chains from other sources, but unless you know what to look for you may get hazardous chains.

There are two types of chains often used for Fire Spinning, Ball Chain and Chain Link. Ball Chain is often quite popular for its built in swivels, however it is a lot weaker than chain link. Taken care of it will not break, but one common example of it breaking is during Orbitals with Poi. Welded Chain Link is fairly heavy and if there are no swivels attached it can kink.