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Poi Handles

Your Poi handles can define your poi spinning experience, so make sure to find the one that is most comfortable and also the one that fits your style best, as the knobs will affec the way your poi are thrown. Often people will start out will Double Loops, which is not often the best choice for beginners as they can be uncomfortable at first.

Knobs are handles that allow you to toss Poi in a very similar way to juggling clubs. Due to the added weight of the knobs themselves it causes the poi to continue to rotate when tossed. There are many ways to hold knobs while spinning poi, find one that you are comfortable with.

Single loops are simply a single loop of flat braided rope, usually a fairly large loop that can fit around your wrist. Usually a very comfortable handle for poi as you can wrap it around your hands or put it around your wrist and not have to actively hold onto your poi.

Double loops are two small loops of flat braided rope, large enough to fit a finger each. Since it is easily held, it can be very comfortable to spin poi with Double Loops.

Hybrid Handles are Single Loops combined with a knob handle. This allows for good tosses, while also offering the loop for you to grab onto.