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Using the right tape is an important thing to remember while building your Props. Of course some tapes can be used for a variety of things, but there are certain tapes that work well for specific tasks.

Masking Tape is an important kind of tape when it comes to fire props. It is best used for taping over wick prior to cutting it to keep the wick from fraying. The reason that masking tape is best used for this is because it burns away without leaving a melted chunk of plastic on your wick. It is also a good tape to use for taping wick onto something to anchor your wick for wrapping it tight, but almost any tape will work for this purpose.

Electrical tape is a good tape for taping things down that won't get hot. The most common example is taping down grip on staffs. If done right it can look quite professional, though if it is too tight over time it will slip a little leaving a bit of sticky residue. Electrical tape is also a good way to mark off the center of your staff as it is easily gotten in a variety of colors. Make sure to get good electrical tape, such as Scotch Super 33+.

Aluminum tape can protect wooden parts of your staff from burning. It is often used over the core of Poi/Rope Darts and underneath the wick of Fire Swords. While it is not assured in its protection it can extend the life of the wood.

Reflective tape is also used for fire props so that in the dark you will be able to recognize certain parts of your prop, such as marking off the center of a staff.

Cotton tape is often used on Hoops to add grip. It comes in a variety of colors and patterns.