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General Contact Staff Tips

When choosing the proper length of your staff there are several options. The most common recommendation is to start with the staff coming up to your chin. Other lengths are somewhere between shoulder height and eye level or the length of your armspan.

The longer your staff is the harder it will be to make it spin, however once you have it spinning its inertia will keep it spinning for longer. Try a bunch of different lengths to find what you are comfortable with.

Try to put about half of the weight of the staff into the ends when you are starting.

Pad the ends somehow, easy to hurt yourself if you're not careful.

Remember that the Outer Diameter (OD) and Wall Thickness (WT) of your tube will effect your experience with a staff. The smaller the OD the slower the staff will roll and the larger the WT the heavier your staff will be overall. Also the WT will affect the roll as is places more weight towards the OD, which will increase the speed at which it rolls.

Fire Contact Staff Tips

To prevent yourself from burning yourself it is recommended that you wrap Silicone tape around the exposed metal of your staff starting three inches from your wick all the way down to your grip tape. Silicone tubing is also an option, but can be much harder find in the right diameter or put on after you have the wick on.

It is recommended that you sew a flap of Kevlar over your screws, it will prevent you from burning yourself on them. However the flap will come loose over time, so it is a matter of preference.