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General Dragon Staff Tips

The right grip is incredibly important, it will dictate the amount of control you will have.

The outer diameter (OD) of the tube and the length of the spokes will determine how fast or slow your dragon staff rolls. The larger the OD the faster it will roll, while longer spokes will slow it down.

You can play around with this by putting your weights at different lengths on your dragon staff which will simulate shorter spokes as it is about where the weight is rather than solely the length of the spokes.

No need to stop at 4 Spokes on each end, just make sure the spokes are weighted so that the staff can roll smoothly. To make sure that they are properly weighted you want to make sure the wicks/spokes are about the same weight and length as well as off set from the center of the staff equally on both sides.

Having end wicks is a matter of preference. End wicks won't do much in terms of the way your staff rolls, merely slow it slightly. It will however affect the way the staff rotates around the center of your staff. But you can offset this by adding weight to your spokes or moving the spokes closer to the ends of the shaft.

It is important that the spokes of the Dragon Staff are centered, or offset to still roll smoothly.

The length of the your Dragon staff will have different effects on your spinning experience. Shorter than your forehead and you will have be able to do some caged moves and generally have a easy time shifting planes, but the spokes can become hazardously close to your head. With a length closer to your forehead you will have more freedom to move, though you will find the staff sometimes hitting the ground.

Partner Dragon Staff Tips

You will generally want a staff taller than you for partner work. A length of 5' 10" (~1.8m) or longer will give you enough space for a partner, though with this added length you have an increased chance of hitting the ground.