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General Rope Dart Tips

Darts perform best when they are made of nothing but rope and a head. However it can be useful to make the head detachable through the use of a quicklink.

The rope is the most important part of a Rope dart, as it will dictate a lot about how your Dart will perform. The factors of rope are Strech, Comfort on your skin and ease of untangling. Strech will affect your shots, with less strechy ropes being less forgiving while stretcher ropes will smooth out your shots. How comfortable a rope slides through your hands and feels when you are spinning it is crucial, thinner ropes are likely to cause rope burns, while thicker ropes will not, but this comes to preference as some enjoy the thinner ropes. When you start out you may often tangle your rope, so make sure you can untie the knots that may appear, larger ropes are less likely to do this as well.

Fire Rope Dart Tips

You want to minimize the amount of chain in your rope dart as it will help you have more fluid shots, it will also reduce the chances of burning yourself. That said, make sure to have enough to keep the rope from catching fire, this will vary with your wick and rope.