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Materials & Tools

Method 1 - Bike Tubing Weighting

  • Scissors or Knife
  • Hacksaw
  • 2x Crescent Wrench Or Pliers
  • Electric Drill, with 3/8" (~0.95cm) or 1/4"(~0.65cm) drill bit
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Method 1 - Bike Tubing Weighting

Drill a hole about 3/4"(~1.9cm) to an 1"(~2.5cm) from the end of your tube, then turn it 90 degrees and drill another hole farther down the tube. Close but so that you can put threaded rod through both holes without them interfering with each other. Repeat on the opposite side.

To attach your threaded rod, screw one of the nuts on it so that it is offset from the center by the radius of the Outer Diameter of the tube (or approximate that, you can fix it once they are all attached). Put that rod through one of the holes and tighten a nut on the other side to keep it in place.

Cut your bike tubes into two halves, removing the valves as well. Take one of these halves and tape one end down to the end of one of the spokes and then wrap it tightly around the rod. Then put tape over the tubing to hold it in place. Proceed to do this with all of the ends.

Putting on the Grip Tape

Find the center of the staff by balancing it on your finger. Mark that point with tape or a marker then take your grip and wrap it on each side of the tape for about a 1' and a half. Use tape, either gaff or electrical to tape down the grip, you may want to do this on both sides of the grip if it is unwrapping.